Living is a peculiar art. It takes a whole life to learn it. What is art and what is life is not a difference to me. I often call myself a creative person, without really describing what ”art” I practice. Poetry is my main expression, but I do not set frames around myself but treat myself to try everything I long for, challenge me to try new forms and ways of expression and above all- find joy in what I do. Whether I paint a painting, write a poem, write a song, create my garden or rake up a Forest Cathedral.- it is my art. Everything is part of my joy of life and my expression. And I always slip into new areas. My only employer is my God – my creative higher self and the relationships I stand in. Spirituality is hard to formulate. Faith interior, assurance and experience are deeply intertwined. And for me, faith and spirituality are not something separate from my body, my everyday life and my creative devotion. My spirituality is everything, exists in everything. Reflecting what I do opens all doors and connects everything in the universe with my own loving pulsating heart. I know me as a constantly evolving human being in change and mutation. The human race has a long way to go before we can fully call ourselves human – on our path to becoming Homo Sanctus – the spiritual being that we are evolving towards and seeking within us. Our inner divinity has always been there, but we must find that source inside us and become who we are. Find our highest potential. The spiritual human, Homo Sanctus or maybe the blessed human is the pursuit of our genes. Divinity also lives in nature and throughout the universe. Nothing is different from each other- we just have to find the golden way in everything we are and do. My life is my art and the way to meet God in everything I am.

Marianna Agetorp Foto: Anders Agetorp
The golden door

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